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Men: Is Caring For Your Car Easier Than Your Health?


Photo Credit: marioanima

“For many men, tuning up our cars is easier than getting checkups for our health.” – NASCAR driver Terry Labonte

As reported by Reuters Life! earlier this week, “Almost 70 percent of American men said they find it easier to care for their cars than their personal health, according to a survey released on Monday. And 40 percent said they would be more likely to address issues with their car than their health.”

Why is this? Is it that health seems like a mystery and a car is straightforward? Is it that there are parts to be replaced easily on a car and it comes with an owner’s manual?

Health and longevity are not difficult or mysterious.  There are consistent things to do with both your car and your health that will maintain it for years to come. In fact, here are 4 things men can do right now to start taking better care of themselves.

Your body and health are the best investment you can make, while cars continually lose value.  You can always replace a car, but there is no full body transplant yet available!  Is it the invincibility factor? Or is it that there will be a pill to fix you if you ever need one? What are your thoughts as to why more men take better care of their cars?

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