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Migraines and other headaches are a very common reason for seeking chiropractic treatment. While other treatments like medication can help temporarily, the chiropractic approach that Rozenhart Family Chiropractic takes, seeks to reduce pain in the long term for patients in San Jose, California and surrounding areas.

Migraines/Headaches Q & A

by Rozenhart Family Chiropractic

Why Do Headaches Happen?

The reason for headaches can be extremely varied. Some of the most common reasons for stress headaches include high blood pressure, stress, exhaustion, TMJ, adverse reaction to medicine and neck strain due to bad posture. Migraine headaches are different, as the cause often cannot be determined. Some people are able to isolate headache triggers. Some common triggers may include things like weather changes, certain foods, and certain smells. By identifying all the potential reasons behind the headaches, the chiropractor is better able to tailor treatment for each patient.

How Does Chiropractic Help With Stress Headaches?

Stress headaches, also known as tension headaches, are very common. Most people find them very frustrating because they can be hard to avoid, and because they are difficult to get rid of quickly in many cases. A stress headache builds slowly, sometimes starting with a dull ache behind one or both eyes. The duration of a stress headache can vary widely, ranging from minutes to days. Because one of the most common causes of a stress headache is postural problems; basic chiropractic adjustments can bring great relief in many cases. By aligning the spine correctly, chiropractic adjustments remove the pressure that triggers the headaches. Thus, adjustments can often yield long-term relief.

How Does Chiropractic Help With Migraine Headaches?

Migraines can be extremely painful, and they may cause light sensitivity, nausea, and a range of other symptoms. Chiropractic care can be very beneficial in managing migraine pain through movement, stretches, and spinal manipulation. As with stress headaches, migraine headaches are sometimes associated with a great deal of stress in the neck and shoulders. A spinal adjustment relieves this stress and allows for free movement again. Many people find that a correctly aligned spine works as a migraine preventative, as well as being an efficient pain reliever.


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