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Should YOU Get A Flu Shot?


Ask yourself these questions,

Has it been shown to be effective?  This is difficult to measure because some of the side effects of the vaccine may be similar to the flu. There are thousands of viral strains and the one included in the flu shot is simply and educated guess at which one will be active a full 6-9 months before it happens! I want their crystal ball!  You may get a vaccine for one strain and still come down with symptoms because you “caught” a different strain.

What else is in the vaccine that may be harmful?  The vaccine has formaldehyde, antibiotics, a detergent, polysorbate 80 ( a carcinogen), and many other chemicals and preservatives that should not be injected into our bodies! When injected, the virus also bypasses our first line of defense- our mucosal membranes of the nose, mouth and sinuses.  When a virus comes into contact with our mucosal membranes, that is the first stimulus to our immune system to begin fighting. Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, MD, the world’s leading immunogeneticist, said that by having 5 consecutive yearly flu shots your chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease is 10 times greater than if you had none, 1 or 2 vaccines. He stated that this was due to the buildup of mercury and aluminum in the brain.

What else can you do to keep your body strong and healthy through this season?  First and foremost, getting adjusted regularly will keep your immune system strong.  If you have been under care for more than 2 years, you already have a 200% stronger immune system than someone who does not get adjusted regularly.  Eating well, adequate rest, keeping a positive mental attitude and getting daily exercise are the keys to having a healthy winter season.

There is much more information at The National Vaccine Information Center– get informed first- and then make your decision!

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