Sanitation & Social Distancing Policy


The California State Government considers Chiropractors as Essential Healthcare Workers and directs our Chiropractic Office to have a comprehensive social distancing and sanitation plan in place. This plan is presented below:

  1. Sign is put on front door or window that says, “Avoid entering if you have a cough or fever; maintain a minimum of six foot distance from one another; Sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue or elbow; do not shake hands or have unnecessary physical contact”
  2. Hand Sanitizers is available to all employees and patients.
  3. Movement of patients and staff through RFC with social distancing: To limit the number of patients in our center at one time so that everyone can be at least 6 feet or more apart at all practical times, we have enacted the following procedures. This plan will allow us to have approximately 6 patients or less in the office at any time.
    • When arriving at RFC, a patient will approach the door. Isabel or Christina will either welcome them in if under 6 people in the office or ask them to wait outside if the office is at capacity. Once inside the office, patients are asked to fill out a check in form that asks if they have been experiencing any recent cough, sore throat or shortness of breath. We ask if they have been in contact with anyone tested for COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19. We also ask if any travel outside the US in the past 2 weeks. If any answers are yes, they are asked to return 14 days later. We scan for fever with a non contact thermometer. Temperatures must be under 100.4 F. Once screened patients are required to immediately wash hands and return to a table or an empty space marked by a blue X on the floor. The way we have things set up, the pathway should be clear that you would be at least 6 feet or more from anyone in your travel from our front door to the room in which you will be directed to see the doctor. If you are a couple or family living together, you can come in at one time when called by us to come in from your care and follow the same procedure. You will be seen in the same room.
    • When leaving the office, the doctor and front desk staff will be in communication through in-person communication to ascertain that there is a pathway of travel to exit the office that allows at least 6 feet social distancing from any other person and we will tell you when it is clear to exit our office.
    • Plan to allow at least 6 feet social distancing at the chiropractic adjusting areas:There are 2 bay areas housing the 2 chiropractic tables. Dr. Jen and Dr. Steph will be utilizing at a maximum, one table each to promote social distancing between patients. There is one other table in a private room that can be used and is removed by more than 6 feet from the other 2 tables. If a couple that lives together or a family that lives together come for spinal adjustments, they can utilize 1 table in the far or close bay areas.
    • Social distancing at the front desk with the front desk assistants:Our plan minimizes the need to be at the front desk and promotes 6 feet social distancing when there is a need to be at the front desk area. We do this by:
      • Both patient and staff can best promote 6 feet social distancing by patient and staff member modulating their distances from the front desk.
      • The 2 chairs in the reception area are reserved for new patients and current patients will be waiting outside if the maximum number is reached. The front desk receptionist will choreograph the movement of all patients through the office along with the doctors during treatment hours.
      • Patients who have to use a pen to sign in will use sanitized pens and they will be sanitized upon use and replaced. Doctors will have patient’s charts and will fill in your subjective ratings by asking you questions verbally.
      • Payments at the front desk will be signed with a sanitized pen and then placed in the used container. Form of payment should be placed on the counter. Chiropractic front office assistant will pick up the form of payment with new gloves on their hands. Patients will step back to allow staff to retrieve it. Our chiropractic front office assistant will tell you and show you the fee entered and request verbal permission to process the payment. Your payment method will be returned to the front counter while maintaining 6 feet social distancing guidelines. You may request an email or text receipt for any payment. This is an acceptable procedure for making payments and keeps needed social distancing.
      • If a chiropractic front office assistant needs to give you a supplement or wellness product, she will have you move back from the front desk so you can keep 6 feet social distancing as she places the item on the front desk window ledge for patient to retrieve as front desk staff person moves back to keep social distancing during retrieval.
  4. Our plan to comply with sanitation/disinfecting requirements throughout the chiropractic office.
    • Inside of the front door will be a pack of disinfectant wipes. These wipes can be used by those who want to use them to touch the door handle or the door can be opened by elbow. Please place used wipes in the receptacle provided.
    • Upon leaving the office, at the inside of the front door in the waiting room, we will have next to it a pack of wipes for those who want to use one in opening the door handle or one can use their elbow to open the door instead.
    • Disinfecting chiropractic tables each time they are used by a patient:
      • In each adjusting table bay area there is a canister of wipes. Dr. Jen and Dr Steph will clean each table with wipes and with gloves specific for each patient or family. We will choose a CDC approved solution to clean the tables, wipes may not always be available, in those cases we will use another CDC approved cleaning solution.
      • Steph and Dr. Jen will have hand coverings that they use with each patient or family that are only used for each specific patient or family and with no-one else. They will switch each time they come over to adjust you and your family into your specific, only for you and your family, hand covering.
      • Both Doctors and staff will be wearing face coverings.
      • Jen and Dr. Steph will have specific hand covering only for you and your family, will place your face paper on your table so you do not have to get a face paper and possibly touch other face papers in the process.
      • Baskets to put things from your pockets will be wiped down after each use for sanitation reasons.
      • No waters or nuts will be available for sanitation reasons, so come to the office hydrated and well fed.
      • Regularly scheduled disinfecting of door handles and front desk window ledge will be done by front desk chiropractic assistants with CDC Approved cleansers.

Our intent is for you to have a safe, comfortable, and valuable experience in our Chiropractic Office.



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