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Migraine Headaches Gilbert, AZ

Do you suffer from migraine headaches that are affecting your quality of life? If you want long-lasting relief from your headaches without having to reach for pain medication, our team at Rozenhart Family Chiropractic can help.

Our chiropractors in Gilbert provide treatments that can help you take back control of your life and get you feeling like your old self again. If you’d like to take the first step on your migraine healing journey, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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New Patient Special

Migraine Relief Treatments

As a migraine sufferer, you know that they can strike out of the blue, leaving you completely out of commission until they let up.

The severity of many migraines is why so many people turn to medication to take the edge off.


Our chiropractic care treatments can help prevent your migraines without the need for any potentially dangerous pain medication.

It’s no secret that masking the symptom with medication is not a sustainable solution, and if you experience migraines on a consistent basis, taking medication may make the situation worse.

Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate the pain caused by migraines. When you have your vertebrae realigned, pressure that has been compressing nerves and tissues will be released, and the blood flow to your head and neck will improve.

We also offer red light therapy that can help reduce inflammation that may be contributing to your headaches. Many people don’t grasp how all of the different systems in your body are connected, but if you suffer from migraines, opening yourself to chiropractic treatment can provide you with astounding results.

Symptoms and Causes of Migraine Headaches

Even though pain is at the center of most migraines, it’s not the only symptom. Many people that experience migraines get visual disturbances that show up before an attack. These are called auras. They can be particularly unsettling, especially if you’re trying to read or focus on anything detailed.

Some migraine sufferers also experience light-headedness, dizziness, a heavy feeling in the entire body. Even anxiety that accompanies an attack.

Some of the causes or ‘triggers’ that are common with migraine headaches include:

Chiropractic Care for Migraines

  • Stressful situations
  • Specific smells
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Specific foods
  • Food additives
  • Bright lights or flashing lights
  • Certain medications
  • Sudden changes in the weather

Triggers can also vary from person to person, as they are very individual. The goal of any migraine sufferer is to relieve the pain and start living life on their own terms again.

Our treatments have helped many people just like you find the relief they desperately need. We would love to help you too.

If you or a loved one suffer with migraine headaches in Gilbert, AZ, or nearby areas, call us at (480) 305-0614 to schedule an appointment.

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