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What Does "Frozen Shoulder Syndrome" Mean?

Frozen shoulder syndrome severely restricts the movement of the shoulder joint. All of the bones, ligaments, and tendons within the shoulder are contained in a capsule of connective tissues. This capsule can become thicker and tighter to the point that it makes movement difficult and painful, resulting in frozen shoulder syndrome. Continue reading to find out how chiropractic can help frozen shoulder.

What Are Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Symptoms?

The symptoms of frozen shoulder syndrome typically include: A dull ache in the shoulder, restricted range of motion in the shoulder and pain when placing pressure on the shoulder (for example, while sleeping on the side.) People who suffer from frozen shoulder syndrome often find it very difficult to do many of their basic living tasks, such as shampooing their hair or putting a coat on.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Frozen Shoulder Syndrome?

Chiropractic care can greatly ease pain and help patients get their full range of movement back. While other treatments for frozen shoulder syndrome are available, these other options can be highly invasive. People who don't want to go through a major surgery or deal with potentially harmful steroid injections may prefer the holistic approach of chiropractic adjustments. The chiropractor will perform special adjustments that are targeted to frozen shoulder syndrome. Dr. Rozenhart has specialized training in this area. The shoulder capsule will be stretched therapeutically, and the chiropractor can also teach patients stretching exercises they can do at home. Physiotherapy treatments may be helpful in frozen shoulder syndrome treatment, including heat therapy, cryotherapy (cold therapy) and electrical muscle stimulation.

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed For Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Treatment?

The amount of sessions required for frozen shoulder syndrome treatment varies according to the severity of the pain and the severity of the movement restriction. However, many patients see a major difference in their ability to move after only the first chiropractic care session.

Videos on Frozen Shoulder

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