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Vertigo Gilbert, AZ

Vertigo, a condition characterized by dizziness, imbalance, and a sensation of spinning or swaying, can significantly impact the daily lives of residents in Gilbert, AZ.

At Rozenhart Family Chiropractic, we understand the challenges posed by vertigo and offer a tailored approach to alleviate symptoms and enhance overall well-being through chiropractic care.

Our chiropractors in Gilbert offer a specialized approach to help people find relief and regain control over their lives through our chiropractic care treatments, including manual adjustments and wellness care.

New Patient Special
New Patient Special

Vertigo Causes and Symptoms

Causes of Vertigo:

  • Inner Ear Disorders: Malfunctions in the inner ear, responsible for balance and spatial orientation, can trigger vertigo.
  • Head and Neck Issues: Misalignments in the cervical spine or neck problems can disrupt the signals sent to the brain, contributing to vertigo.
  • Vascular Disorders: Conditions affecting blood flow to the brain, such as cardiovascular diseases, may lead to vertigo.
  • Injury or Trauma: Head injuries or trauma, including concussions, can result in persistent symptoms.

ChiropractorCommon symptoms of Vertigo:

  • Dizziness and Spinning Sensation: The hallmark symptom, a feeling of dizziness or spinning, often triggered by certain head movements.
  • Imbalance and Unsteadiness: Difficulty maintaining balance, leading to unsteadiness while standing or walking.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Vertigo can induce feelings of nausea and, in severe cases, vomiting.
  • Visual Disturbances: Blurred vision, involuntary eye movements (nystagmus), and sensitivity to light can accompany vertigo.
  • Hearing Issues: Some individuals may experience hearing problems, including ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Vertigo

Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Alignment Correction: Manual adjustments by our chiropractors aim to correct misalignments in the spine, particularly the cervical region, promoting proper nerve function.
  • Enhanced Blood Flow: Improved spinal alignment aids in better blood circulation, addressing vascular factors contributing to vertigo.
  • Inner Ear Support: Chiropractic care can positively impact the inner ear, fostering balance and spatial orientation.

Wellness Care

  • Preventative Measures: Ongoing wellness care helps prevent the recurrence of episodes by maintaining optimal spinal health.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Our chiropractors guide patients in adopting healthy lifestyle habits, including posture correction and stress management, to reduce vertigo triggers.

Chiropractic Care for Vertigo

Wellness Care for Long-Term Management

Our commitment extends beyond symptom relief; we prioritize long-term well-being through wellness care. Ongoing chiropractic care helps prevent the recurrence of vertigo episodes by maintaining optimal spinal health.

We provide personalized guidance on lifestyle modifications, including posture correction and stress management, empowering our patients to actively participate in their journey toward a balanced and vertigo-free life.

At Rozenhart Family Chiropractic, we recognize that each individual is unique, and so is their experience with vertigo. Our chiropractors conduct thorough assessments, considering the specific circumstances and contributing factors.

This individualized approach allows us to tailor treatment plans that address the unique needs of our patients, ensuring effective and targeted care.

If you or a loved one are suffering from vertigo in Gilbert, Arizona, or any nearby area, call us today at (480) 305-0614 to schedule a free consultation.

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