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Weight Loss

Our weight loss services begin with a comprehensive evaluation. Going beyond standard weight loss programs, we identify the issues that cause patients to gain weight and keep them from losing despite diet and exercise, such as adrenal fatigue, toxicity, and abnormal blood levels.

Here Are Our Weight Loss Program Goals For All Our Patients

  • Break the bad habits that caused them to become overweight
  • Learn how to shop and eat healthy foods
  • Lose up to 20-35 pounds in 6 weeks*, safely and effectively
  • Become less dependent on prescription drugs
  • Reset their BMI and BMR set points
  • Start with the right type of exercises

In some cases, based on the severity of the member’s health, we might suggest advanced testing prior to starting a weight loss.

How does it work?

This program utilized a natural dietary supplement. Its formula, developed by ChiroNutraceutical, contains a host of nutritional ingredients. They are well known to aid in fatty acid transportation, fatty acid metabolism, and blood sugar stabilization, as well as increase metabolism and detoxification.

When ChiroThin is combined with healthy and specific amounts of anti-inflammatory foods with a low glycemic index, your body will be more efficient at converting stored fat into energy. In general, ChiroThin allows the body to more efficiently metabolize fat and use it as energy when an individual consumes fewer calories than burned in a given period of time.

ChiroNutraceutical has specially designed the ChiroThin formula to include specific amounts of amino acids, vitamins, and cell salts for further added benefits. Additionally, the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program includes dietary and behavioral modification guidance, as well as a strategy to help maintain long-term weight loss.

Safety Guidelines

  • All patients are prescreened for complicating factors, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindications. If the screening reveals a complicating factor or poor prognostic indicator, a doctor will discuss the concern with the potential participant.
  • Depending on the severity of the projected clinical implications of the complicating factor or poor prognostic indicator, a person may be prohibited from undergoing the program.
  • The ChiroThin™ Program is based on a low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory (LGAI) diet.
  • Weight Loss Program

  • The ChiroThin Program includes the consumption of complex carbohydrates. It is not a “protein-only” program. Complex carbohydrates prevent excessive ketosis, hyperuricemia, diuresis, electrolyte loss, and refeeding edema. They also may improve muscular endurance.
  • While undergoing the six-week program, the participant consumes between twenty-four and thirty ounces of nutrient-dense, low glycemic index, and anti-inflammatory foods per day.
  • The program is six weeks in duration. It falls well within the accepted standards for very low-calorie diets (VLCDs), as established by scientific data (see a few studies on this page). These parameters include doctor supervision, time on VLCD, dietary modifications, behavioral modifications, nutritional supplementation, and, when indicated exercise.
  • The program provides a “refeeding” component during which participants transition back to a “normal” diet composed of LGAI foods.
  • Participants are provided with guidelines, strategies, and tools to help them increase their chances of long-term weight loss success. These tools are based on each patient’s BMR. As well as their activity level, appropriate exercise, and continued healthy nutritional consumption.


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