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  • Did you know the 1st subluxation to your child occurs is at birth?
  • Did you know children fall down an average of 1500 times while learning to walk?
  • Did you know that Chiropractors can identify and correct scoliosis in children?
  • Did you know that Subluxation can be the cause of an ear infection?
  • Did you know that the immune system can be boosted by getting adjusted?
  • Did you know that a child’s adjustment in Gilbert is different from that of an adult?

Here at Rozenhart Family Chiropractic in Gilbert we make it a point to check all our families’ children, either when we meet them or upon birth.

Our bodies are made to grow and heal from within. Subluxations can rob the body of its basic communication system that allows us to function at 100%. Our nervous systems allows us to breath, regulate core temperature, walk, talk, you name it. Most importantly for your child, the nervous system controls the immune system!

Our check-ups are easy, take little time, and depending on age and trauma history may not even require x-rays!

Just so you know, if your child in Gilbert requires care, children’s adjustments are much different than an adult’s. They are lighter and take less time. If subluxations are identified in your child’s spine, they usually take less time to correct than those found in adults. This is due to the amount of time the subluxations are present.

It is as easy as scheduling a time during your next appointment for your child. We are always here to help you, your health is our goal! We cannot afford to wait to check for subluxations because of the damage that they can cause.

Schedule an appointment with our outstanding team at Rozenhart Family Chiropractic in Gilbert today!